From Scott

Dr. Colton is the best doctor around. He is exceptional. He's down to earth, easy to talk to, and an absolute BEAST when it comes to kidney stones.
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From JM

Just a note to say how pleased I am with the Health and Wellness Program, and the results gained with your help. I was a little skeptical but it proved to be unwarranted. I have been losing that pound a week and I do feel better. I am also encouraged by my new found energy.
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From Dave K
I am sorry this letter was so long in getting to you, I have been very busy and wanted to give this the proper thought and time it deserves.

I had wanted to loose weight for some time now, and really just needed the proper coaching and guidance to get going on it. I had half heartedly started a makeshift diet on my own a month or so earlier, I did loose some weight, but when you are 40 pounds overweight, the first 5 or 10 come easy. In February when I saw Dr. Zimmerman I also spoke with you and we agreed to set up a program with proper nutrition as well as a "diet" plan as well. I must say that your program has exceeded my expectations. I have a much improved quality of life.
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A Retired Police Officer, from Morris County
Under the watchful eye of Dr. Mark Colton, in conjunction with the guidance of nutritionist Kelly Walsh, I have embarked on a successful wellness program at Morris County Urology. The emphasis is on overall health, with weight loss being a byproduct. In addition, at the urging of Dr. Colton, I have purchased a FITBIT which monitors my daily physical activity, sleep time, and calories consumed/burned. This is a tool that will provide the doctor empirical evidence to better provide health care counseling to his patient. I have full confidence in this program because I am being treated by health care professionals. Without any reservation, I recommend this life enhancing program.
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From David B.
After a bout of prostatitis I visited Dr. Colton who prescribed a course of antibiotics and had me return for a PSA blood test several weeks later. My PSA was 4.5 and a biopsy was recommended. No cancer was found but there were atypical cells, a repeat biopsy was recommended and it did disclose cancer in one of the tissue samples.
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From John P.
My Prostate Cancer story is similar to many I have read on the internet. For approximately 3 or 4 years I had a slowly increasing PSA number with no enlargement of the Prostate or urinary symptoms. I was lulled into complacency after reading about false positives, the slow growth of the Prostate Cancer and the inaccuracy of the PSA test. Then things began to change. I had a brother who developed Prostate Cancer. At the urging of a company nurse I had a fresh PSA test run and was shocked to learn that it was 8.2. Realizing that a quickly rising PSA was a sign of aggressive Prostate Cancer I ask my Primary Physician to recommend a specialist, and was referred to Dr. Colton at Morris Urology. Dr. Colton sensed my concern and to alleviate my anxiety he was able to quickly schedule a biopsy with Dr. Zimmerman. After two biopsies, it was confirmed that I had Prostate Cancer.
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From Doug B.
I recently underwent prostate surgery using the DiVinci robotic technology under Dr. Gregg Zimmerman of Morris Urology which, I’m happy to say, was a great success. After the usual tests, it was determined that I was a good candidate for this procedure and was advised to have it.
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From Anthony O.
At the age of 63 my primary physician wanted to have my prostrate checked by a urologist. Because of my age and the natural process of enlargement, he wanted to get an expert opinion. During the next eight years, I came under the care of Dr. Marc Colton and developed a wonderful close relationship. At first, there was no indication to alarm anyone. My prostrate was not unusually enlarged, and my PSA was in the mid to low range. Fortunately, Dr. Colton kept me on a six month check-up regimen. Eventually there was a suspicious enlargement and biopsies were taken. The results came back negative. Another biopsy was taken a year later when my PSA started to elevate and become erratic. The return was inconclusive and had to be sent to Johns Hopkins for further investigation. The report concluded that there was a trace of cancer.
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From Lyle K.
When I was informed by my primary physician that my PSA number was elevated, I really wasn't concerned all that much. I was referred to Dr. Colton so I made my appointment thinking that chances are the results of a biopsy will come back with nothing to worry about. Unfortunately, the biopsy revealed otherwise. Dr. Colton told me I had prostate cancer. Just saying the words "you have cancer" and thinking what those words meant put my wife and I in a tailspin. Why would this happen when we had led a healthy lifestyle? How were we going to tell our grown children and what were we going to tell them? Would I ever be normal again? We needed answers to so many questions. Dr. Colton invited my wife and me to meet with him after office hours. Of course we were uncertain and nervous, but Dr. Colton's gentle manner put us at ease. What impressed both of us was he not only wanted to know how I was, but, how she was handling this situation.
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From Russell S.
My name is Russell and I had prostate cancer. I had robotic surgery done by Dr. Colton. I had surgery done on Thursday afternoon and Friday morning at at 5:30 am I was sitting up in my chair feeling good and with no pain. After breakfast they had me walking around the hospital. I was there the one day and went home that afternoon. The one bad part of the bowel prep, the taste was bad. The other bad part was having the catheter in for ten days. I didn't have any pain and didn't have to use any pain medication.
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From Alan T.
My original diagnosis of prostate cancer was with a different Urologist. Though I thought of him as a competent doctor I never felt comfortable with him or his staff in their people skills. I also felt a second opinion on the treatment was prudent. Through the Castle Connolly website I located Dr. Colton and Morris Urology. We arranged for a consultation one evening. From the first moment my wife and I felt we had found the right doctor. Whether we spoke to Dr. Colton, Dr. Zimmerman or a staff member there was always a responsive caring attitude. This made our emotional choices so much easier to deal with.

The actual surgery as with others was superb, painless and successful. I am now on my way to complete recovery with minimal incontinence. Thank you Morris Urology for treating us like people.

From Frank G.
My PSA level went over 4 when my primary physician suggested follow up with an Urologist and recommended Dr. Marc Colton.
My first visit with Dr. Colton was a review of my charts and a recommendation to perform a prostrate biopsy. There are other methods to test for prostrate but Dr. Colton advised me the other methods could indicate a false reading and the most conclusive method was a biopsy.
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From Thomas G.
I am a 62 year old male who has gone for annual physicals for last 25 years or so. My blood work has always returned all within normal limits. I consider myself in very good health. This July 2007, my Internist recommended I see a Urologist since I have had recurring microscopic blood in my urine. He recommended I see Dr. Gregg Zimmerman.
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From Bill G.
At 53 years of age, a yearly physical discovered that I had an elevated PSA count. My family doctor suggested I speak to Dr. Colton and Dr. Zimmerman for further evaluation. After some blood tests and further evaluations, I received a phone call at home from Dr. Colton to advise me that I had Stage 1 Prostate Cancer.
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From Bill L.
In June my annual blood work showed a slightly elevated PSA and my Primary Physician referred me to Morris Urology. There I met with Dr. Zimmerman, who after reviewing my history and PSA readings for the last three years explained how we would proceed. A week later I had the biopsy where he took thirteen samples. The next week seemed like a year and then when Dr. Zimmerman told me that one of the samples was 10% cancerous I was taken back because I was sure that I just had an enlarged Prostate.
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From Dennis B.
I have put together a timeline of everything concerning my weak urine flow problems in the beginning through my recovery. I tried to make it as accurate as I could with the dates.
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From William M.
It's not every day you hear the words "you have cancer." I don't know that anybody is ready to face an operation for cancer. Most of us still consider the "C" word something unfortunate that happens to other people.
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From John S.
After being diagnosed with prostate cancer by my old urologist and offered the usual treatment options, I set out on a quest for more comprehensive data in order to make an informed decision about my approach. I met with several of the Doctors whom I see regularly to seek out their wisdom with my problem. A consensus developed quickly that surgery was the better, wiser choice, and that robotic prostate removal was the state of the art.
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From Dennis W.
In 2007 I went to my regular physician for my yearly PSA test. It went from 1.0 in 2006 to 2.76 in 2007.
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From Lee M.
"There's cancer." The words reverberated in our ears before we had even come to a complete rest in the chairs across the desk from the doctor who had 8 years earlier connected my wife's kidney to my bladder. There is no easy way for a doctor to give bad news and perhaps the direct way is best, but it sure left us wondering about many things.
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From Russ K.
This history of my da Vinci robotic prostatectomy experience is being written 3 ½ weeks after my surgery. I visited my family doctor in December for a routine annual physical exam at which time he ordered a PSA and believed that my prostate had changed since my previous exam.
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From George B.
Earlier this year my family doctor, Dr. Robert Collum, noticed a higher than normal PSA level on the lab report that came in as part of my yearly check up. Concerned that I might be facing some prostate problems he sent me to Morris Urology PC located at 16 Pocono Rd in Denville NJ for further tests.
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From Robert K.
A word or two about Dr Marc Colton and his Robotic skills.
I was admitted @ 9:30 AM on a Tuesday for a radical prostatectomy using the DaVinci Robot.
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From Peter L.
You go every year for a physical and blood work but you are never prepared to hear that your PSA number has jumped four points and that you need to get checked for prostate cancer. I was scared. Luckily, I was referred to Dr. Zimmerman.
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From Gary M.
For a suspected case of diverticulitis my primary physician ordered a CT scan of my lower abdomen. It was during the evaluation of the scan that an unsuspected abnormality was identified on my left kidney. Although the initial diagnosis of diverticulitis was confirmed, the kidney abnormality presented a far more challenging problem.
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From Joe L.
Uncertainty in any facet of life tends to bring about a level of change which can be associated with anxiety and discomfort. In my experience there is nothing that compares to the level of disruption when you are sitting in your doctor's office and hear that the pathology report of your biopsy has come back positive for cancer.
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Dr. Zimmerman performed the 1,000th case of robot-assisted, minimally invasive surgery at the Center for Robotic Surgery using the da Vinci Si Surgical System.
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